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Technical Article
McAfee Drive Encryption (DE) 7.x McAfee Drive Encryption GO (DEGO) 7.1.x NOTE: DEGO was formerly known as Endpoint Encryption GO (EEGO). For details of DE supported environments, see KB79422 . NOTE : DEGO is supported on all Windows operating
Last Modified Date:8/30/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Network Security Platform (NSP). For more information about GTI, see the following articles: KB84374 - Important changes to all McAfee products using Global Threat Intelligence KB79640 - How to obtain a list of current Global Threat
Last Modified Date:2/22/2018
Technical Article
McAfee VirusScan for Mac (VSMac) 9.8, 9.7, 9.6. See also: To determine the version of McAfee Agent installed on a Mac, see KB68746 . For supported environments for McAfee Agent, see KB51573 . For product lifecycle details, see the McAfee Product
Last Modified Date:1/11/2018
Technical Article
You have not configured DAM or DVM to use a proxy. In most deployments, your server will not have direct access to the Internet. You must configure a proxy to receive updates automatically from the console.. McAfee Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)
Last Modified Date:6/22/2017
Technical Article
McAfee SIEM Event Receiver 9.x. The McAfee Linux Event Collector allows you to add a local agent to your system that can 'push' several types of data to the McAfee Event Receiver. The table below shows the supported versions of the Linux Event
Last Modified Date:4/11/2014
Technical Article
McAfee Firewall for Linux 8.0. KB85429 - Supported Platforms, Environments, and Operating Systems for Firewall for Linux 8.0 KB83745 - Firewall for Linux 8.0 Known Issues KB85412 - Differences between Firewall for Linux 8.0 and Host IPS for
Last Modified Date:11/28/2016
Technical Article
McAfee Open Data Exchange Layer (OpenDXL) Python Client SDK. The OpenDXL Python Client SDK is available for download from the following locations: Product Downloads site (behind appropriate grant numbers) McAfee product software, upgrades,
Last Modified Date:11/3/2016
Technical Article
McAfee File and Removable Media Protection (FRP) 5.0.x NOTES: File and Removable Media Protection is the new name for Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF). Removable Media Protection (offsite access options) was formerly known as Endpoint
Last Modified Date:6/12/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac (EPM) 2.1 - 2.3 McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac (ENSM) 10.0.0 - 10.2.3 McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO ) 5.x McAfee VirusScan for Mac (VSMac) 9.6 - 9.8 Apple Mac OS X 10.7.x - 10.13.x For supported product
Last Modified Date:9/22/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac (ENSM) Firewall 10.2.3, 10.2.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.0 McAfee ENSM Threat Prevention 10.2.3, 10.2.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.0 McAfee ENSM Web Control 10.2.3, 10.2.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.0. As
Last Modified Date:2/13/2018
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