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Technical Article
McAfee Email and Web Security (EWS) 5.6 McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6. The following vulnerabilities have been reported as present in the version of OpenSSL used by EWS 5.6 and MEG 7.6: SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) DTLS recursion flaw
Last Modified Date:3/1/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6 McAfee Quarantine Manager (MQM) 7.x. The Appliance Dashboard displays a status indicator for MQM connectivity under Services , External . The indicator glows as follows: Green - Connection from this appliance to MQM is
Last Modified Date:4/7/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) appliances McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) appliances. See the attached document for instructions to rebuild the RAID Array.
Last Modified Date:12/20/2018
Technical Article
McAfee Email Gateway 7.x. Because of the Web-of-Trust model used by PGP, you must use the appliance's key to sign the public keys for any remote domains to ensure the security of the message. When you use PGP to encrypt content, PGP first signs
Last Modified Date:4/9/2017
Technical Article
The false positives are caused by an error in the gathering of data from the file and an error in the regular expression.. McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.5.2 McAfee Email Gateway 7.6.1. False positives are logged by MEG 7.x content filtering when
Last Modified Date:6/28/2016
Technical Article
McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6. When an email is encrypted by Secure Web Mail, its conversation log shows only the delivery phase after encryption. The original connection and scanning conversation log entries are lost or omitted.. This issue is
Last Modified Date:7/15/2016
Technical Article
This happens when there is a very large number of recipients on the message, and usually involves recipient counts numbered in the thousands, instead of several hundred. This causes the appliance to run out of memory for the delivery of the message,
Last Modified Date:1/19/2016
Technical Article
MEG incorrectly sends the username in the password field when it sends credentials to the proxy server.. McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6. When you configure MEG to use a proxy server to download spam engine updates, MEG is not authenticated by the
Last Modified Date:10/15/2015
Technical Article
Nested multipart attachments are incorrectly treated as a separate email message.. McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6. You configure a compliance rule to search for terms in the body of an email, and you configure several exclusions for the compliance
Last Modified Date:11/30/2015
Technical Article
McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6.x. As of May 31, 2019, McAfee will no longer offer software or AV updates through FTP for any product. MEG uses FTP to download software updates and as a secondary update path for AV updates. The MEG appliance
Last Modified Date:2/25/2019
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