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Security Bulletin
McAfee credits Roberto Suggi Liverani from NCIA (NATO) for reporting this flaw.. Cross-Site Scripting in ENS Web Control 10.2 allows attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via a crafted website. CVE-2016-8011 Cross-site scripting
Last Modified Date:5/18/2017
Security Bulletin
None.. CVE-2016-8010 An application protection bypass vulnerability in McAfee Application Control (MAC) 7.0 (and earlier) and Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.2 (and earlier) allows local users to bypass local security protection via a command-line
Last Modified Date:5/19/2017
Security Bulletin
McAfee credits Tomer Bitton (tomer@ensilo.com) from EnSilo for reporting this flaw.. The Buffer Overflow Protection (BOP) feature of VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8.0 and Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.1 allocate memory pages with RWX permissions at
Last Modified Date:4/7/2017
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