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Security Bulletin
McAfee credits Donny Maasland from Fox-IT B.V. for reporting this flaw.. CVE-2016-8007 Authentication bypass vulnerability in McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Services (HIPS) 8.0 Patch 7 and earlier allows authenticated users to manipulate the
Last Modified Date:5/17/2017
Security Bulletin
This security bulletin was written by Harold Toomey, Principal Product Security Architect, Product Security Group, McAfee, Inc.. A vulnerability was discovered in a shared component used by VSE and Host IPS that allows for unauthorized privilege
Last Modified Date:11/2/2016
Security Bulletin
None.. CVE-2017-4028 Maliciously misconfigured registry vulnerability in all Microsoft Windows products in McAfee consumer and corporate products allows an administrator to inject arbitrary code into a debugged McAfee process via manipulation of
Last Modified Date:4/3/2018
Security Bulletin
McAfee credits Maurizio Agazzini (also known as inode) https://it.linkedin.com/in/maurizio-agazzini-b915243 from Mediaservice.net http://techblog.mediaservice.net/author/inode/ for reporting this flaw in VSE. He reported this issue in November 2014
Last Modified Date:5/22/2017
Security Bulletin
CVE-2015-5345 - Information disclosure. Attackers that have access to the GUI Admin Console could list file system entities of the MWG appliance. CVE-2015-5345: Allows attackers to determine the existence of a directory This vulnerability affects
Last Modified Date:4/6/2017
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