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The Apple developer certificate used for signing Mac installer packages expired. McAfee has posted the updated installer packages signed with a new Apple certificate. Affected Encryption products: McAfee File and Removable Media Protection 5.0.2
Last Modified Date:8/18/2017
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The following McAfee endpoint products are now available: Application and Change Control 8.1.0: Delivers support for Policy Discovery UI improvements and Windows Server 2016. Release Notes for Application Control are available at:
Last Modified Date:1/3/2019
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McAfee announces the End of Life (EOL) for McAfee Management of Native Encryption 3.0.x effective December 15, 2018. McAfee recommends upgrading to Management of Native Encryption 4.x to benefit from the latest software developments, and to avoid
Last Modified Date:12/18/2017
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McAfee Management of Native Encryption 5.0.1 is now available. This release provides the following: Important security-related Data Exchange Layer configuration change. Fixes system hangs on Windows login. Reports systems as non-compliant when
Last Modified Date:5/14/2019
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Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the firmware of some Opal self-encrypting drives that could allow an attacker unauthenticated access to sensitive data (see the disclosure at https://t.co/UGTsvnFv9Y ). The disclosure does not describe
Last Modified Date:11/11/2018
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McAfee recently standardized the phonetics used for the recovery component to be English NATO phonetic alphabet. Before: A mix of NATO phonetic and localized versions of NATO phonetic words could be used for recovery. After: Standardized to the
Last Modified Date:10/5/2018
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IMPORTANT: McAfee Windows 10 compatibility with McAfee products is available for download. McAfee has made the following versions available to support Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (ver 1709) - Data Exchange Layer 4.0 Release Notes
Last Modified Date:5/25/2018
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McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 4.1.3 is now available. This release includes new features, fixes, and enhancements including: Fixed: An issue where the FileVault keys are not found in McAfee ePO even though the client status indicates
Last Modified Date:1/10/2018
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A vulnerability in McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) has been discovered and resolved. AFFECTED SOFTWARE: MNE 4.1.3 (Mac version only) and earlier. REMEDIATED / PATCHED VERSIONS: The vulnerability is remediated in version: MNE 4.1.4 IM
Last Modified Date:4/25/2018
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McAfee Management of Native Encryption 5.0 is now available. This release includes a new McAfee Preboot authentication security for BitLocker, enforcing user-domain authentication at startup using the McAfee Preboot authentication environment. An
Last Modified Date:3/12/2019
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