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Security Bulletin
The POODLE vulnerability was first discovered by several researchers at Google, including Bodo Mller, Thai Duong, and Krzysztof Kotowicz. See http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/2014/10/this-poodle-bites-exploiting-ssl-30.html . These
Last Modified Date:1/16/2019
Security Bulletin
These vulnerabilities were first disclosed by the OpenSSL Project in a security advisory on October 15, 2014. See https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20141015.txt. Several McAfee products are vulnerable to one or more of the three Open Secure Sockets
Last Modified Date:1/9/2019
Security Bulletin
These vulnerabilities was first disclosed by the OpenSSL Organization ( https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20150319.txt ) as a Security Advisory.. You can find the complete contents of the OpenSSL Organization's OpenSSL Product Security Advisory at
Last Modified Date:1/16/2019
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