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Technical Article
McAfee Network Security Manager 8.1. Recent updates to this article Date Update September 22, 2017 Added Release Notes and issue 1212722. Removed issues 1190299, 1092834, 957343, 952182, 698909, and 656471. This article con
Last Modified Date:9/22/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Network Security Platform (NSP) 8.x. For more information about GTI, see the following articles: KB84374 - Important changes to all McAfee products using Global Threat Intelligence KB79640 - How to obtain a list of current Global Threat
Last Modified Date:8/3/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Network Security Platform Manager software. To wipe or delete the NSM database: Stop the Manager Service. Click the Network Security icon in the system tray and select Stop Manager . Open a command line session. Click Start , Run , type cmd ,
Last Modified Date:9/6/2017
Technical Article
Network Security Manager (NSM) 7.1, 8.x. CVE-2015-5477 has been reported against BIND: Named in ISC BIND 9.x (before 9.9.7-P2) and 9.10.x (before 9.10.2-P3), allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (REQUIRE assertion failure and daemon
Last Modified Date:8/20/2015
Technical Article
McAfee Logon Collector (MLC) 3.x. This article contains important information about known issues of high or medium rating that are outstanding with this product release. This article will be updated if new issues are identified post-release or if
Last Modified Date:4/6/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Network Security Manager (NSM) 8.x, 7.x. The Network Security Manager configuration table backup is only intended to be restored to the same version of the Manager. To perform an export, you must export your policies manually and then restore
Last Modified Date:7/1/2015
Technical Article
McAfee Network Security Platform. This article explains the learning and detection modes for the DoS (Denial of Service) profile in Network Security Platform. Learning mode Learning mode starts when the Sensor is first added to a network. The
Last Modified Date:3/10/2017
Technical Article
McAfee products that use DATs NOTE: This article applies only to McAfee business and enterprise products. If you need information or support for McAfee consumer or small business products, visit https://service.mcafee.com . Consumer article for
Last Modified Date:7/20/2017
Technical Article
A number is shown instead of the attack name because the configuration present in the Manager is not consistent with that of the Sensor. This occurs if the attack present in the Manager is pushed to the Sensor and subsequently was removed from the
Last Modified Date:6/2/2017
Technical Article
Network Security Manager software Network Security Platform Sensor software. The Network Security Manager and Sensor are not vulnerable to CVE-2014-3466 because they do not use GnuTLS.. CVE-2014-3466 describes a buffer overflow in the
Last Modified Date:2/4/2016
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