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Technical Article
McAfee Policy Auditor (PA) 6.x.x. Removal of the PA extension from ePO results in invalid PA server tasks being left behind in ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). The orphaned tasks have grayed out Edit and Run options and some of the PA tables remain in the
Last Modified Date:9/18/2018
Technical Article
Because of the upgrade of both the McAfee Agent and the Policy Auditor Agent plugin, a temporary policy applicability mismatch occurs; this prevents the Policy Auditor entry from being displayed. McAfee has not observed this issue affecting any other
Last Modified Date:7/22/2015
Technical Article
McAfee Policy Auditor 6.x. The Policy Auditor 6.0 Installation Guide ( PD23400 ) and Policy Auditor 6.2 Installation Guide ( PD24694 ) state the following: Domain controller requirements: The server must have a trust relationship with the Primary
Last Modified Date:12/8/2014
Technical Article
McAfee Policy Auditor (PA) 6.2, 6.0 For details of PA 6.x supported environments, see KB72961 .. The PA Benchmark list is empty.. Use the following procedures to troubleshoot this issue: Verify the requirements for downloading the content were
Last Modified Date:9/23/2014
Technical Article
When you import a custom benchmark or check to PA, the content must conform to the Security Certification and Authorization Package (SCAP) standard supported by PA. Importing content written using an older version of OVAL will result in the errors
Last Modified Date:10/1/2013
Technical Article
McAfee Policy Auditor 6.x. In order to run an xccdf benchmark from the command line on Linux, it is necessary to specify a GUID parameter (bold type in the example below). Command Line example: [root@localhost Desktop]#
Last Modified Date:12/10/2015
Technical Article
ePO 5.x is multi-tenant aware and, in the case of installation, utilizes the system user, which is not associated with the Tenant ID for the on-premise version of ePO.. McAfee Policy Auditor 6.2, 6.0. When a benchmark from the Content Creator has
Last Modified Date:8/3/2015
Technical Article
McAfee Policy Auditor (PA) 6.x. When using PA 6.x to audit for User Rights Assignment settings in the Windows Local Security Policy, seemingly unexpected results can be returned if the setting contains a stranded Security Identifier (SID) . All
Last Modified Date:4/9/2017
Technical Article
The benchmark and check content does not have any associated Findings messages.. McAfee Policy Auditor 6.x McAfee Policy Auditor Content Creator. When viewing the Findings Detail Summary within the Audits page, the name of the benchmark rule is
Last Modified Date:6/8/2015
Technical Article
The Policy Auditor benchmark activation process uses the XML parser built into ePO. Under rare circumstances, this XML parsing module encounters an error and must be reloaded to function properly.. McAfee Policy Auditor 6.2, 6.0. After attempting to
Last Modified Date:1/22/2018
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