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Technical Article
than VirusScan Enterprise does. Best practice is to review the migrated exclusions and revise them, if needed, to duplicate the behavior of the legacy exclusions. See KB85746 for more information. Documentation correction: Knowledge Base article
Last Modified Date:7/19/2018
Technical Article
10.5.0. Existing documentation content: In the Endpoint Security 10.5.0 Release Notes the 'Web Control enhancements' list in the 'New features' section does not include McAfee Client Proxy. Documentation correction: In the Endpoint Security
Last Modified Date:3/6/2017
Technical Article
McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.x. Click here for a dynamic list of product documentation correction articles for ENS.. This article provides corrections to the following posted product guides: Endpoint Security 10.5 Product Guide ( PD26799
Last Modified Date:6/1/2018
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