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To receive notice an article has been updated, you can subscribe to the article. While viewing the article, click the Subscribe link on the right side of the ServicePortal screen (under Manage this Article). You must be logged in to the ServicePortal for
Last Modified Date:5/3/2017
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No MSI installation logs are created by default locally on the client when installing Drive Encryption (DE) via ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). To troubleshoot DE installation issues that are made via an ePO deployment task, it is possible to have the MSI
Last Modified Date:11/29/2017
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McAfee recently standardized the phonetics used for the recovery component to be English NATO phonetic alphabet. Before: A mix of NATO phonetic and localized versions of NATO phonetic words could be used for recovery. After: Standardized to
Last Modified Date:10/5/2018
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The following are two resources to be aware of that will assist you when investigating a problem: NOTE: Debug logging should be enabled only for long enough to capture the logs before disabling it. How to enable debug logging for Drive Encryption:
Last Modified Date:4/25/2018
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Refer to the following Drive Encryption documents to complete migration tasks from EEPC to DE. IMPORTANT: Integrated migration functionality to allow administrators to migrate EEPC 5.2.x users/systems to DE 7.2.x was removed in DE 7.2.0 and 7.2.1.
Last Modified Date:8/31/2017
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