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Programs and Policies

Support Offerings Overview

At McAfee, we have a passion for security and that extends to our McAfee Support and Customer Service. Regardless of the size of your business, McAfee Technical Support offers highly trained and certified security professionals who can provide the right information, tools, and programs. Our goal is to address potential issues quickly and efficiently to help you combat today’s threats so you can focus on the demands of your business.

Our support offerings are tailored to meet the needs of a Small Business through to the largest Fortune 500 companies.

  • McAfee Business Support – 24/7 Support by Phone and online Service Portal
  • McAfee Enterprise Support – Direct access to Product Specialists and assigned Support Account Manager
  • McAfee Global  Enterprise Support – Direct access to Product Specialists in all regions and assigned Support Account Manager in your Primary region
  • McAfee Large Enterprise Support – Direct access to Product Specialists and assigned Large Enterprise Support Account Manager
  • McAfee Resident Enterprise Support – Direct access to Product Specialists and Resident Support Account Manager at your primary location
  • McAfee Resident Product Specialist Support - A dedicated, onsite engineer with specific product expertise to manage realtime technical issues and provide comprehensive security management.

Product Upgrades

McAfee engineers are continuously working to improve the technologies used to detect malware and simplify management. These product upgrades are automatically available to customers through their support contract, maximizing their protection and improving productivity

Speeding resolution

Where your security policies allow, McAfee support technicians can use remote desktop-sharing or control technologies. With the help of these technologies, our technicians can see an issue first hand to speed up resolution, and users can be walked through the remediation process.

Quality Initiatives

McAfee implements a full 360-degree review process for our support interactions. When your case is closed, an automated survey is sent out, and your response is reviewed by the McAfee Customer Experience Management team. They review the case using recorded phone calls, chat sessions, and videos of our technicians’ desktop. They will follow up directly with you, the technician, and McAfee Support Management if further discussion or escalation is required.