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Tools: Overview

McAfee provides a number of free repair, diagnostic, and sample submission tools to our customers:

System Repair and Diagnostic Tools

  • McAfee Virtual Technician. McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is a diagnostic tool which can find and resolve many of the most common issues with McAfee products. After scanning your computer, you will be offered the ability to automatically resolve any detected issue. The scan results will also be passed to McAfee Technical Support should you open a Service Request
  • ePO-MVT. This is an ePO deployable version of McAfee Virtual Technician.
  • WebMER. WebMER automatically detects and collects information for McAfee Technical Support to troubleshoot your issue or escalate your Service Request. This includes product and event logs, as well as other system information.
  • ePO-MER. This is an ePO deployable version of WebMER.
  • McAfee Profiler. McAfee Profiler captures top processes and files that are accessed by the VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) On-Access Scanner (OAS). Based on the data collected, an administrator can choose files or processes to exclude from scanning to lessen the impact on the system.

Other Tools and Resources

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