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Patches Resolve Web Gateway Vulnerabilities

Four vulnerabilities in McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) have been discovered and resolved.

  • MWG and earlier
  • MWG and earlier
The vulnerability is remediated in these versions:
  • or later
  • or later
  • CVE-2012-6706: A VMSF_DELTA memory corruption was discovered in unrar before 5.5.5, as used in Sophos Anti-Virus Threat Detection Engine before 3.37.2 and other products, that can lead to arbitrary code execution. An integer overflow can be caused in DataSize+CurChannel. The result is a negative value of the "DestPos" variable, which allows the attacker to write out of bounds when setting Mem[DestPos].
  • CVE-2017-1000364: An issue was discovered in the size of the stack guard page on Linux, specifically a 4k stack guard page is not sufficiently large and can be "jumped" over (the stack guard page is bypassed). This affects Linux Kernel versions 4.11.5 and earlier (the stackguard page was introduced in 2010).
  • CVE-2017-1000366: glibc contains a vulnerability that allows specially crafted LD_LIBRARY_PATH values to manipulate the heap/stack, causing them to alias, potentially resulting in arbitrary code execution. Please note that additional hardening changes have been made to glibc to prevent manipulation of stack and heap memory but these issues are not directly exploitable, as such they have not been given a CVE. This affects glibc 2.25 and earlier.
  • CVE-2017-1000368: Todd Miller's sudo version 1.8.20p1 and earlier is vulnerable to an input validation (embedded newlines) in the get_process_ttyname() function resulting in information disclosure and command execution.
McAfee recommends that all customers verify that they have applied the latest updates. Impacted users should install the relevant patches or hotfixes. For full instructions and information, see Knowledge Base article SB10205, McAfee Security Bulletin - Web Gateway update fixes vulnerabilities CVE-2012-6706, CVE-2017-1000364, CVE-2017-1000366, and CVE-2017-1000368 (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=SB10205)

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